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What Will This Fertility Test Tell Me?

Our detailed fertility test can provide you an in-depth insight on your body’s reproductive ability. This test will evaluate crucial components of your body such as your ovarian reserve and hormone levels. Additionally, our team of medical experts will identify any early signs of potential risks that may arise should you decide to grow your family.

For only $99, you will receive the following services:

On-Site Bloodwork and Testing With Fast Turnaround Time for Results


Comprehensive Evaluation of Your Fertility Condition

Phone Consultation with One of our Award-Winning Physicians (15 min.)

How Does The $99 Fertility Test Work?

1. To schedule an appointment, please call us at (424)212-4087, or send an email to Appointments are available from Monday to Friday.

2. Next, you will be invited to visit our state-of-the-art center, where our medical professionals will assist you in collecting blood samples to perform various tests. 

3. Upon completion of analyzing your bloodwork, our office will follow up with you to provide you with a personalized report. You will also be able to review your results with one of our fertility specialists.

* Promotion is not a replacement for a standard new patient consultation.



Why should I take this test?

Whether you are looking to grow your family, plan to have a child in the future, or are simply curious about your fertility, Incinta Fertility Center believes that staying well-informed will allow you to remain proactive and make the best decisions to fit your fertility goals.

Who should be taking this test?

This test is recommended for women between the reproductive ages of 18-45 and experiencing regular menstrual cycles lasting between 25-40 days. 

What will be tested?

Women only have a fixed amount of eggs throughout their entire lives. This comprehensive fertility test will evaluate your ovarian reserve by analyzing these critical hormone levels: AMH, FSH, and Estradiol.

Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH)

AMH is a hormone produced within your ovaries by tiny fluid-filled sacs containing your eggs, known as follicles. By looking at your AMH level, we can identify how many eggs you still have. The higher your AMH level is, the more eggs you potentially have in your ovarian reserve.


Like AMH, Estradiol is also a hormone produced by the follicles (the tiny fluid-filled sacs containing your eggs) in the ovary. High levels of this hormone might occur in shorter menstrual cycles and poor egg quality. Additionally, low levels of Estradiol may indicate that your ovaries are not being stimulated appropriately or that you may be close to menopause. Low levels of Estradiol can signal your body is slowing down in reproduction.

Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)

The Pituitary Gland located in your brain plays a significant role in reproduction. For an egg to be matured and released to your uterus, the gland secretes FSH to stimulate your ovaries. After reviewing your bloodwork, our specialists can track your FSH levels, which can vary from month to month. High FSH levels might indicate many things, such as lower egg count, lower quality eggs, or early signs of menopause.

What if I am experiencing irregular menstrual cycles?

If you are experiencing irregular menstrual cycles, one of our Care Coordinators will assist you in scheduling your blood test accordingly so that you can still take our fertility test.

Can I take this test if I am taking hormonal contraception?
How we approach the fertility test will be based on the type of contraception you utilize.

Birth Control Pills

If you use oral contraceptives, we would still recommend scheduling your blood tests between Day 2 to Day 4 of a regular menstrual period regular cycle. However, if you recognize your menstruation is irregular, we will have you take the blood tests 4-5 days after the last dosage.

Birth Control Patches

If you are currently using birth control patches, we will administer your blood tests 4-5 days after you have taken off your patch and before you put on a new one.

Hormonal Rod Implant

Women using a hormonal rod implant will not be eligible for the test.

What will this test tell me about my body?

Our fertility test could provide you with peace of mind and invaluable information to help you plan your future family-planning goals accordingly.

Through your personalized report, you and a fertility specialist can evaluate hormone levels, egg quantity, egg quality, menopausal timing, and more.

Can I bill insurance?

As of now, Incinta Fertility is only accepting payment via cash, check, or card for this test.

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